If you came here searching for senior housing options you are in the right place.

You may be looking for “what comes next” for a loved one who has had a recent event…     a devastating fall, a trip to the hospital, or memory loss that has raised some safety concerns…..

…..or you, as the family caregiver, feel overwhelmed and need a break.

You feel that their current living condition is no longer working so you begin the search   for options. You want them to be safe and well cared for.

But did you know?

Senior housing options range from:

  • 55+ apartments,
  • Independent living,
  • Assisted living,
  • Dementia care, and
  • Residential Care Homes

All offering varying levels of amenities and care.

In the greater Austin area there are over 200 senior housing communities. And if you include Hays and Williamson counties that number is greater than 300!

Where do you begin your search?

With an experienced elder care professional. They can provide you with the personal guidance you need in your housing search.

Why would I choose Senior Living Advisors of Austin?

We take a very personal approach in helping you with what matters most. We meet with every family face-to-face to understand their individual and family needs.

And we guide you through the entire search process (see it here).

At Senior Living Advisors of Austin we have over 18 years of knowledge in the senior housing market, including a deep understanding of all aspects of the dementia process.

We are unique in the Austin area.

Our promise to you…

We will NEVER share your information with any other party without your permission. And we follow a strict code of ethics (see them here) in our interactions with you.

Let us help you in your search…

To schedule an appointment at your convenience please go here or call Sarah now at    512-593-7669 to begin your search for the perfect new home for your loved one!